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Monday, July 02, 2007

Arguing is like watching baseball....

I'm not going to embed anything today. I just want to literately account the growth of intellectual communication in my own words. Few words. Scouring the internet at the rate of some fast thing that goes fast, I have read about a dozen articles in the last week on the situation of Michael Moore's Sicko and the attempt to counter his views by a rep. from Google.

I processed multiple opinions of this situation from over 100 different sources just eating it up. It's just mind boggling what people aren't realizing in this debate. They are constantly pulling away from the issue of what Michael Moore was saying about the Health Administration and actually focussing on the issue of the Democratic precess of advertising firms actively associating themselves with a political agenda.

This Google account planner, Lauren Turner, throws in her hat to the Health Care Industry. She is lending the power of Google, for a price, to counter Sicko. Good marketing indeed. I'm disturbed though by her blatant, and Google's by affiliation, disregard of the issue in considerate of moderate profit. It's pretty sick. I'm not a Michael Moore fan at all and I haven't even seen Sicko. I'm getting at how i'm seeing more press and opinion on the issue of big business intervention and not on the actual issues on Health Care.

It's just funny how we get tied up in the semantics and the debate on smaller issues when the bigger and more pertinent issues of universal healthcare and Social Security, something that will directly effect me later on my years, are swept under the carpet. I'm not even focussing on it right now...that's how bad it is.

I'm gonna go drink my liver into oblivion now, before my health care really takes an ass whooping. See you in the ER.


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